Friday, 27 July 2012

Children's Illustration Workshops for the Summer Holidays

I am out and about again a lot at the moment, doing workshops for children. Luckily, it's all in Sheffield, so no horrible, early mornings - hurrah!

It's all part of the Summer Reading Challenge, which is about keeping children reading through the summer holidays, so they don't drop back by the time school begins again. the challenge is to read a certain amount of books over the break. They get little prizes along the way, like stickers etc then, if they read them all, they get presented with a certificate and a medal.

To help to get people inspired and to make it as much fun as possible, as well as attracting as many new people in, who might not know about the Summer Reading Challenge, there are often associated activities put on in the libraries over the holiday. Which is where I come in!

There is always a theme - this year it is 'The Story Lab' with a group of fun characters for children to spin stories around. I have been invited to visit 12 libraries in Sheffield, this week and next, delivering illustration workshops to show the children how to draw the Story Lab characters and start to spin some stories through the pictures.

Yesterday I was at Crystal Peaks Library in the morning and on the children's mobile at Hackenthorpe in the afternoon. This is a drawing that 6 year old Millie Briggs did for me as a thank you for my session. Today I am at Woodseats and Woodhouse Libraries. If you look on my availability listings, you can check out where I am going to be next week. It's all free, so if you are 7 or over, come along and pick up all my best hot drawing tips!


Alexis (lib assistant) said...

Hi Lynne, we're really looking forward to your visit to the Central Library on Monday.
I will make sure we have some biccies ready to keep your strength up. Best wishes.

Lynne the Pencil said...

Sounds good. See you in the morning!!