Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Carolan Folk Music - SketchJamming

We've not been SketchJamming for ages, so when we heard they had an evening of Carolan music at the White Lion pub just down the road, a few of us decided to head over there. 

For those who've not come across a SketchJam before, it's a term we sketchers invented for a live music SketchCrawl

It's great fun drawing to music but can be quite a challenge, as of course musicians are inclined to move about! The harp and whistle players below were a gift though, as they kept very still, though the songs didn't last long, so it was still a bit of a race:

Another thing I particularly like about SketchJamming in the informal setting of a pub, especially if, as on this occasion, it is a fairly small and casual gathering, is the way it becomes a general experience of 
sharing, making contact between two different forms of creative expression.

The musicians were just as interested in us as we were in them. Trouble was, I kept losing my sketchbook, while various musicians took turns to have a look through it!

If any of the Carolan musicians find their way here, I'd like to say thank you for a lovely evening of beautiful, haunting music. Hope to see you again some time.


Sarah Anderson said...

I am always full of admiration for people who can sketch moving people. I still remember an art class at school where the teache took us into a PE lesson to sketch students moving and I didn't get a single thing drawn as I just didn't know where to start!
Sketch jamming does sound like a great way to spend an evening though :)

Lynne the Pencil said...

Gosh, that was quite ambitious as an exercise for school kids - I think most of us would struggle with that now! SketchJamming is a better bet - only some movement. Give it a try - it's great fun to draw to music.

Me said...