Thursday, 5 January 2012

Life Drawing in the Fridge

Yes, that's what it felt like last time I braved the KIAC life drawing, down at Kelham Island, just before we broke up for the holidays. 

I knew it would be cold, since it was well chilly before the weather turned nasty. So I put on yet more layers, a scarf, my fingerless gloves, a woolly hat and even - horror of horrors - shocking pink leg-warmers under my jeans (left over from an 80s fancy dress night, honest).

We all felt so sorry for the poor model. Several extra heaters had been brought in, to make sure he was kept nice and toasty but, unfortunately, every time they were all plugged in together, it blew a fuse! He was a true professional though and took off his clobber anyway. He insisted on sticking it out to the end of the session, even though he looked frozen.

He struck some fab poses too, using a big stick to support himself, so he could spread his arms wide, or twist into interesting shapes for 10 minutes at a time.

By the way, remember I mentioned before about the massive scissors hanging in the space? Well, here they are. In the background, you can just spot my friend and fellow SketchCrawler Les, trying to block some of the broken windows with paper, to stop the wind howling through:


sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Broken windows? You poor things! Like your life drawings Lynne. Best wishes. Lesley

Maureen said...

I went to life drawing this morning, not such a chilly venue as yours!

Pretty much a beginner I've been using your sketchbooks on flickr to practice!