Monday, 16 January 2012

Invitation: Children's Illustration Exhibition

Last week, I received an envelope full of invites to the opening day of the new show Picture This! in Gallery Oldham.

The show is already open to visitors, but the official opening day is not until Sat Jan 28th, when there will be all sorts going on, incuding a talk and a children's storytelling by Yours Truly.

I am chuffed that, though the show includes work by some very big names (
Shirley Hughes, Anthony Browne, Jez Alborough...) it's one of my illustrations from Giddy Goat that has been chosen for the invitation. What with that and my Giddy Goat / Itch to Scratch giant jigsaw, it feels like it gives me a fairly high profile in the show, which is fab.

Anyway, consider yourselves all very much invited. The day kicks off at 11am. Here are the various brilliant events you can attend as well as seeing the exhibition itself:
11.00 my talk (for adults and older children)
11.00 - 12.30 illustrator Katie Viggers - free monoprinting workshop

12.00 Sculptor Martin Shaw talking about his work
1.00 my storytelling (suitable for 4 - 8 yrs)
2.00 Photographer Charlie Meecham talking about his work
2.00 - 3.30 illustrator Katie Viggers - free monoprinting workshop
3.00 Social Historian Sean Baggeley - a tour of 1876 Oldham, using the Oldham Panorama photograph.


Julie Clay Illustration said...

This sounds very exciting Lynne. I would like to see you doing this... maybe I will try?

Lydia Monks said...

Fab! x

Tammie said...

congratulations! the invite looks awesome with your art on it. wishing you success and a wonderful time!

Richard Hanks said...
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Richard Hanks said...

Brilliant, have put it on our blog: