Friday, 16 December 2011

Weston Park Meets Dr Sketchy!

This time last week was
Sheffield SketchCrawl day. We spent the morning in Weston Park Museum (where we SketchCrawled last year). I started with this rather sad and dried up octopus, laying down the watercolour first. I never have the patience to wait for paint to dry, so carry 2 sketchbooks, so I can start a new page in the meantime:

We were happily chatting and drawing the various dead things, and the time just flew, so there was barely time to finish this little skull before we had to leave: 

I ate a cheese sandwich on the move (after first dropping on the pavement), as we had to walk into town to take part in something a little different: Sheffield's first Dr Sketchy session.

It was a good job we were punctual, as the little room above the pub was full to bursting! Everyone was very excited. We weren't sure what to expect; all we knew was that it was a cross between burlesque and life-drawing.

Then the women appeared - in basques and flapper gear, fishnets and little laced boots. Red lipped and false-eyelashed to the hilt, they struck poses for us to draw, which lasted from 2mins to 15mins at a time. It was very colourful, so I was really pleased I had brought a small selection of watercolour pencils with me.

It was an incredibly intensive couple of hours, but we had a great time and produced tons of work in a very short time. Every so often, we held up our sketches and the models got to choose a winner. I won a prize for this one:

They had various prizes to choose from and I won this cute beret:

If you want to see more of the sketches I did, they are here (watch out by the way - some are even raunchier than these!)


Maureen said...

Great sketches from both the sketchcrawl and Dr. Sketchy's. Cool new hat, as well.

Clem said...

Really love the octopus and the skull, my favorites :)