Thursday, 15 December 2011

Designing the Back Cover and a How-to-share-this-book Page

Quite a while ago, I planned the design for the front cover of my newest book Baby Can Bounce! and with Sarah, my designer at Egmont, finalised exactly how it would look, before creating the actual pastel artwork. But I've had so much on, I happily left it up to Sarah, and my Editor Peter, to decide what would work best on the back cover:

As you can see, they did a fantastic job. We've got some great quotes that underline how useful the book will be for baby's development, which will hopefully help to sell it both to the bookshops and to book-buying parents. 

The snake and the panda are a couple of the illustrations which Sarah has re-used from the inside. We have also re-used some of the illustrations for a special, extra spread at the beginning of the book, offering advice to the reader (the shadows are not right yet - they are early versions of the scans): 

Baby will get much more from the book if the reader engages them in play while reading, having fun sharing the activities as they go through the pages, and making a game from the way they say and repeat the words. We created a similar spread for Baby Goes Baaaaa!

In both cases, I got a lot of advice, as well as suggestions for the text, from my Early Learning contacts in the library service. A big thank you to them!

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