Sunday, 11 December 2011

Illustration Exhibition: Giant Children's Jigsaws

Sadly, my one man show in Salford, Llamas in Pyjamas, has come down now, but the mixed show, Picture This!has just opened at Gallery Oldham - hurrah! Things have been so crazy-busy that I haven't been to see it yet, but Anna, the curator, has sent me a couple of photos of the huge, vertical jigsaws they have created from a couple of my illustrations.

The first is my hairy friend Big Gorilla from An Itch to Scratch, written by my slightly less hairy friend Damian Harvey:

On the other side of the board, is another jigsaw, created from a spread from Giddy Goat by Jamie Rix:

Fantastic, aren't they? Can you recognise what you're looking at in the 2nd one? Well, once the pieces are all in the right place, it should look a little more like this: 

If you're interested, I am going to be doing a day of events in the exhibition space, as a sort of after-Christmas, late opening event. It's happening on Saturday January 28th. I'll be doing a talk about my work for adults and slightly older children, then later a storytelling event for younger ones. Contact Gallery Oldham to reserve a place. See you there!

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