Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Looked After Children: Zombies, Cannibals, Vampires and Football...

Drawing at a flipchart can be a scary business for an illustrator if you ask for requests. At an event on Wednesday, for looked-after children and their carers, I found myself drawing, amongst other things, a wedding with a variety of animal guests in dress-suits; a boutique full of escaped zoo animals all trying on different outfits; a vampire beach scene, complete with a cannibal witch and zombie cat; plus this view of the Sheffield Wednesday football stadium, with animal teams:

Each year I am part of this wonderful event, called Bag-a-Book Day. Free children's books are given out, but there are also drumming workshops, face-painters, cheer-leading workshops, stilt-walkers, glitter-tattoos, puppets... there's even a free lunch for everyone! 

I'm billed as doing storytelling but I mostly draw at the flipchart for whoever drops in. I've found the best way to grab the children's interest is to ask them what they would most like to draw, then draw it for them on the flipchart while they draw along. Hence the list above.

The event is held in Sheffield Wednesday football stadium and I have my own little room - normally an expensive executive box - which has a perfect view across the pitch. Makes me wish I was into football. The view came in handy for the above drawing though.

At the end of the day I am always completely shattered. Apart from the strain on my drawing skills (!), I am on my feet pretty much all day and it's hard to take a break as I am going with the flow and, once the flow starts, I'm swept up in it until throwing-out time at 4pm.

It knew it was all worth it though when a group of girls, who had been with with me for much of the afternoon, presented me with this thank-you note they had all signed while my back was turned at the flipchart. Thank girls - you're welcome!


Julie Clay Illustration said...

Well done Lynne, you had some tough challenges there!! It sounds like it was in a good cause, brilliant. X

Erin K said...

Aw, what a great cause to be a part of. What a lovely lady you are. ^^ I have a hard time drawing on the fly like you did here, sounds like you really enjoyed it though.