Monday, 28 November 2011

Children's Illustration Competition: Winners...

Remember the children's illustrations that were created as a response to my exhibition? Children were asked to create there own picture book character, inspired by the show.

Well, after much deliberation, I am finally ready to announce the winners (drum roll.....)

First Prize goes to Eloise (who is just 4 years old!) for Rose the Monster Princess:

I really like all the details, especially the pink hairspray and the green, slimy hand-prints on her pink dress from her green slimy hands. I think a monster princess is a fabulous idea and a great character for a story.

Second prize goes to Emmy for the Purple-Lipped Snapper Firetail:

What a great character and so unusual. I like the colours: the blending to create the fire and the red sky with the green sun, which makes it look like he might live on an alien planet. Oh, and I especially like his panicky face.  

Runners up are Sofia for Roo in a Shoe (don't you just love those trendy pumps?):

...and Emily for Gemma the Short-Necked Giraffe:

...and Athena for Gerald the Camel:

You can see all the entries on the Salford Gallery's Flickr site.

Unfortunately, my Salford exhibition has now come down but, if you are interested in children's illustration, I'm sure you will enjoy Picture This! Illustrating Children's Books, which has just opened in Gallery Oldham, and is on until March 11th.

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June said...

Wonderful images from the Winners and Commended Runners up. Congratulations to all.
I bet it was very difficult to choose between such imaginative entries.

I couldn't help but notice that the above are all created by girls! Come on lads... next time, give it a try :o)