Tuesday 4 October 2011

Sketchbook of the YLG Conference

In spare moments over the last week, John and I have been doing battle with the sketchbooks I created at the Youth Libraries Group conference: it seems to take ages to scan sketchbooks - they always fight you and do their best to be as wonky as possible on the scanner.  

I was really rather pleased with myself that I managed to bag every speaker (apart from the one I missed by arriving late). The YLG librarians were often watching over my shoulder as I was scribbling away in the auditorium. One had an interesting idea... 

The YLG (like everyone these days) is short on funds. She thought that if they made nice prints of the sketches, perhaps they could do an auction or a raffle, to raise money.

That may never happen of course, but seems like a lovely idea and I suppose it's a bit different. I'm a bit worried though that my sketches do not always come out as flattering as I'd ideally like! 

If you want to see the rest of the drawings, you can either find them on Facebook or take a look at this Flickr album I have created.

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