Thursday 20 October 2011

Illustration Exhibition: Packaging Up More Artwork

More news - I am going to have work in another exhibition! 

This time it is a mixed show, called Picture This! and will be at Gallery Oldham. It looks very new and shiny, doesn't it? I will be in the company of such greats as Anthony Browne, Shirley Hughes and Jez Alborough, so as you can imagine, I'm feeling very excited.

My one-man show comes down on November 6th (boo!), but this new one opens on November 26th (hurrah!) and will be up until March 2012, so that's all right then. 

Because the timing of the two shows is so close, it seemed a lot easier to choose completely different pieces to be mounted up for the Oldham exhibition. I have selected 8 spreads, each from a different book. They may not hang them all, as it depends on how space pans out. We'll see. 

John helped me package everything up and Sean from the gallery came with a van to collect them.

They have asked me to send some sketchbooks, so I've chosen 3 with slightly different kinds of sketches in: one of predominantly my train portraits, one mostly watercolour and a baby A6 one of bits and bobs:

They want to display some roughs too. I never used to keep roughs (believe it or not, I used to bin all the initial drawings once a project was done!), but have found relevant and interesting ones that match the spreads I've selected from 3 of the more recent books.

The aim is to have them in glass cases, to show the idea and drawing development behind the finished illustration.

Another exciting (and very flattering) bit of news, is that the gallery have chosen two of my images to be made into a massive puzzle. Its a sort of interactive, vertical jigsaw (a bit like connect 4), and the plan is to have the image above, from Giddy Goat on one side, and my itchy gorilla from An Itch To Scratch on the other. How brilliant is that?!

I will be doing some workshops too, on January 28th, open to the public, so watch this space for more details.


Unknown said...

I love Giddy Goat! Can't wait to get a puzzle!

Lynne the Pencil said...

That's lovely Akiko, but I'm afraid the idea is to create one HUGE interactive puzzle in the space (if I've got the right end of the stick anyway) rather that smaller ones to buy. Should still be lots of fun though...

Julie Clay Illustration said...

Fantastic news that Lynne, well done, Shirley Hughes too, WOW. Love the images on the post, the giddy goats and gorillas!

Caroline said...

Congrats! Bet it'll be an amazing exhibition!

Sarah Anderson said...

oooooo, how exciting :) Sounds like a fab exhibition, and we don't have to wait too long to see it :)