Saturday, 17 September 2011

Talk for Grown-ups (!) with a SketchCrawl

If anyone is interested, on Thursday September 29th, I am doing an open event for adults, based in Salford Art Gallery & Museum. It is of course all linked to my Llamas in Pyjamas exhibition. 

We will kick off at 10am. In the morning, I will be introducing the exhibition and giving a short talk about my work. I'll be taking along roughs and sketchbooks to show folks. They can then look round the show, or chat to me and ask questions. 

We'll grab an early lunch in the gallery cafe, then I will lead a SketchCrawl around the rest of the museum and gallery. As well as the exhibits, the building itself has some very sketchable bits and also some great views of the wonderful red-brick university building across the grass. 

We'll windup with a coffee (and a cake if we have worked hard?) in the uni cafe next door, where we can chat about the day and share our sketchbooks. Aiming to finish around 4.45.

Entry is free (whoopee!) but you need to book with the gallery as numbers are limited and bring your own sketchbook. The nearest station is Salford Crescent, just a 2 minute walk from the gallery. Alternatively, there is a car park.


Frances said...

You literally have my dream job!
I was looking at some of your older posts, your illustrations are amazing :)

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Hoping to come along to this, Lynne. I think I've managed to swap a shift at work!

Sainz Design said...

If I only lived a little closer... I would have love to come to your presentation, the sketch crawl AND the coffee and cake. It all sounds fav! Congratulations on being a successful illustrator!!!!!!

Lynne Chapman said...

Thank you F & SD!

Be lovely to see you again Andrea x