Saturday, 24 September 2011

Painting the Weather

The weather has been very strange lately hasn't it? It's been driving me mad this week while I have been desperately trying to get on with Baby Can Bounce

Fortunately, my desk is under a couple of lovely big veluxes. Unfortunately, they are south facing. Each time the sun beams down, I am blinded by the brilliant light reflecting off my white drawing board, so I climb down from my gas-lift chair, climb up onto the step-stool, pull down the blinds, climb back down off the step-stool and up into my chair. Two minutes later, the sun goes behind a huge, black cloud, so I do the whole operation again, in reverse. But no sooner have I put pastel to paper than - you guessed it - the sun is back! Grrrrrrr..... 

Poor John has got fed up with hearing me swearing and ranting!

However, this fast-changing weather, with its curious light, looked very beautiful through the window of the train which brought me back from the YLG conference last week. I couldn't resist trying to capture it in my sketchbook.  Luckily I had my paints in my bag, as it was so much about colour.

It was tricky, as things were so transitory, but I was really pleased with the results, so I thought I'd show them to you. 

The theatrical business of painting on a train got me into yet another lovely conversation with a couple of fellas (quite hunky ones actually...). One was sitting opposite me and I'd sketched him when I first got on:

The other had been sneaking looks from across the aisle for a while. He turned out to be a squaddie just coming on leave from a tour of Afghanistan, so I found out loads about army life.


Julie Clay Illustration said...

You are always so busy Lynne, how do you do it? I've been busy with 3 sketches that happily grew into 6 last week. Regarding the light, what about tracing papery sort of material up at the velux window?? It might diffuse strong sun, but allow good light?? Good to see the book coming along so well! X Julie.

Lynne Chapman said...

Thanks Julie. I stuck tracing paper up last summer, but the condensation overnight makes it all sag and fall off next day. I am thinking that screen-printing silk might be a possibility and wondering if I can make some kind of roller-blind... x

Sue Pownall said...

The opening & closing of blinds against the sun & clouds is a perfect way to describe the frustrating British weather. Great sketches of the clouds & light too.

Lynne Chapman said...

I keep catching myself saying 'thank goodness, it's a really grey day'!!