Monday, 5 September 2011

Baby Can Bounce - Head Down

When last I showed you my artwork on the book, I was about to start the hedgehogs. I got on with them early last week:

There's so much other stuff tacked on the desk above, as I am using the artwork from Baby Goes Baaaaa! as colour reference for the characters etc. 

The hedgehogs are all done now:

They are illustrating the page: 'Baby can dance' of course. I thought it would be more fun if they were dressed up. As you can see from this earlier rough, they were originally going to be trying on Mum and Dad's clothes, like children do...

...but Egmont felt that made things look too old and not babyish enough, so I went for more random dress-ups instead.

I finished the week by working on the polar bear and the anteater. Polar bear is about done (Baby can hide) so today it's anteater (Baby can shake) I'm going to get stuck into.

This week John is going to help me out by scanning all the illustrations I've done so far, to send to Egmont. These won't be the final scans of course, just interim ones, but Egmont emailed to say they need some images to take to a sales meeting in the USA. I don't want to send the actual artwork, as sometimes I like to go back and tweak the ones I've previously finished, so home-scans are the next best thing.

It's so great to have someone else to be able to do the scanning, so I can get on with the next piece. 
Right, head down...


Sketch of Senses said...

Love your work! Nice to see this cool stuff along one day of work!

June said...

Your work flow is amazing! The illustrations are looking wonderful.
I laughed at the hedgehog in spotty tights :o)

I think I might like to have a 'John' in my studio when the scanning is due... it always takes so much time.

Mundo Mundaca said...

Hi Lynne,Your hedgehogs are very funny.
Your designs are fabulous!the way you smile makes their faces is incredible.

Little Lilly Polka Dot Bedtime Blog said...

I LOVE this blog!! What a joy to see your artwork!! So cute!

Wendy Reed Grimm
creator of Little Lilly Polka Dot

Julie Clay Illustration said...

Well done Lynne, you are steaming ahead there. I like the polar bear 'hiding' and the little bear, Lovely! I could do with a 'John' too, you have to add half a day onto artwork time for scanning, emailing, etc! He is very handy!! I'm hopng to get to the Sketchcrawl on Sat, bit scared about it, but excited as well, just hope the weather calms down a bit?? Good luck with the work, I've just finished a major project and am away with the fairies again! X Julie

Lynne Chapman said...

Thanks folks. Yes, my faithful servant (!) is very handy indeed. When someone invents cloning, we can all have one...

Congrats on the project Julie! Don't be nervous about Saturday - it's all just for fun, so no pressure. Be lovely to meet you in real life x

Corine Brouwers said...

I like your hedgehogs, they are funny!