Thursday, 11 August 2011

Picture Book Artwork: Meeting the Deadline...

I have had the go-ahead on 99% of the rough reworks I did last week, and all is well (hurrah!). However, working out how many actual studio working days I have between now and my deadline is a bit scary. I lose 12 working days to other commitments likes festivals etc, which leaves just enough time to get my artwork done.

This deadline is even more important than usual, as it gives Egmont time to prepare Baby Can Bounce for Frankfurt Book Fair and start getting those co-editions signed, vital these days for a book's success. But it's also important for me: October is my principle season for school visits and literary festivals, so I'll not be in the studio much. Which means that, if I miss the Oct 1st deadline, I miss it by a whole month!!!! 

Obviously that can't happen, so I've made a start immediately. The above photo is my desk as of last night. I've got two pieces almost finished. The printed illustrations I am using as reference above my artwork are of course the print-outs of my previous book, Baby Goes Baaaaa!. I've asked for the artwork from that book back ASAP, to ensure continuity but, in the meantime, the publisher's print-outs will have to do.


June said...

Woohooo... keep up the amazing pace. You can do it :o)

Kayleen West - Children Author/Illustrator said...

Lynne they look adorable. Get into the zone and you will push though I am sure.