Sunday, 22 May 2011

Publicity for the Exhibition

Cheryl Swann, the designer at the Salford Gallery, has created a lovely poster and invitation for my forthcoming show.

We have called the exhibition Llamas in Pyjamas, as we are making a feature of my book A Lark in the Ark (which is where the llamas come from), by building a play ark on one wall, for younger visitors. I didn't have any suitable illustrations of a llama in pyjamas that Cheryl could use, as it needed to be just on white, so, in Photoshop, I lifted an image of the llama from one of the book's spreads:

As well as the kid's interactive stuff (there will also be an anaconda they can crawl into), the main thrust of the exhibition will be the 30 - 40 framed pieces of my artwork: a cross section of my illustrations from lots of my other books. To demonstrate that, the poster is slightly different, with the llama taking 2nd place:

I have always liked that 'wise old owl' illustration. He's quite a few years old now (apt for a wise old owl, I suppose) and comes from my Chicken House book, An ABC of Nursery Rhymes:

Although the show starts on July 16th, the official opening will be an afternoon, family event on Saturday July 30th, incorporating a storytelling and a book signing. If you would like an invitation, please email me.

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