Monday, 23 May 2011

I Love / Hate Photoshop

Working digitally can feel rather stifling and I am FED UP with having my eyes glued to a screen all day. But, my goodness, there are some wonderful things that are only possible in the virtual world of Photoshop.

Remember last week Sarah and I were swapping colours around, trying find which would work best behind which illustration? Well, the snake / rhino spread ended up having to be yellow and sky blue, which works in a general way, but there are elements of both illustrations that don't sit at all well on their new backgrounds:

Photoshop to the rescue! By isolating the troublesome clock face and balloon, I was able to completely change their colours.

I love the way that, with just the sliding of a few scales, I can experiment endlessly, until I find colours that work better:

I thought it would also help to pick up the blue from the rhinos for the clock face, and use the snake's orange for the balloon, to help tie the two images together.


Jacqueline Hudon-Verrelli said...

Nice fix. The final spread looks really good.

June said...

A really good example of Photoshop assisting with traditionally created artwork.
The colour swaps work very well :o)