Friday, 8 April 2011

Skipping Off Work!

Today I was very bad...

Well, it was SUCH a gorgeous day. And let's be honest, given what it's been like in England for the last couple of summers, you've got to take your sun where you can get it!

So, after rushing off a few of the most important emails, I packed rucksack, closed the door on work and John and I escaped to the countryside.

I couldn't get over how hot is was. And not a single cloud anywhere in the rich blue sky for the whole day!

We drove to the point where the road ran out, then walked for about half an hour beside the lovely Howden Reservoir just outside Sheffield. The striking sunlight made the colours really zing. Canada Geese were mowing the grass, grouse kept leaping from the bracken stalks, doing their strange throaty chuckle, sheep with black and white faces stared at us as if to say - why aren't you at work?

We sat down on the grass beside a river and did some drawing. I had a go at capturing splashing water that ended up looking more like fireworks, but what did that matter when the sun was shining, I had prawn mayo sandwiches and a flask of tea? All was right with my world.

We walked on for another half an hour then sat by the river again. I did another sketch while John rested his eyes. Wonderful stuff. I didn't want to come home!


granny grimble said...

What a beautiful day it has been. I gazed at the blue sky and dreamed of being in a little bit of heaven similar to yours, conversing with grouse and geese and sheep. Still, we did have scampi for tea!

Lynne Chapman said...

Ha ha - I hope you knotted a hanky on your head to eat it!

Alison said...

Missing the English countryside and your pictures bring it back - we are in Autumn sunshine in 25 degrees (we missed summer here) but it's not quite the same! Love your blog and love the progress reports on the new book. Planning an art workshop for 3/4 year olds - any ideas on what to do (or, more importantly, what not to do!)? If you're in the area (Melbourne, Oz) we'd love to have you drop in!

Sue Pownall said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely spring day and fantastic sketches.

Like Alison I miss English countryside and also spring... we've gone from cool of winter 20-25c days to hot 30+ as summer arrives.

Lynne Chapman said...

Alison - with babies that age it will be pretty minimal as they have a very low attention span. Do different short activities, rather than one longer one, and break things up with singing. Plus, keep things simple - crayoning and sticking always go down well!