Friday, 4 March 2011

Sheffield Read-In: Tomorrow at 11am!

Libraries are an extraordinary resource, offering so much more than just books to borrow, although that in itself is pretty fantastic. As I'm sure you know, libraries all over the country are under terrible threat, and Sheffield is no exception. We have just found out how bad it will be.

So, if you live in Sheffield, Library Workers for a Brighter Future are asking for your help again...

Last month we held the Big Shhhhh in Sheffield's Central Library. Now there is to be a citywide event, because we have finally heard the specifics of our council's plans, finalised today:

Mobile libraries cut from 4 to 1
Materials budget slashed by nearly one third
Approx 33 full time posts to go
Reduced opening hours and increased charges across the city

...and sadly, this just the beginning. Over the following 2 years a further £1.1million will be slashed from the budget, so it's hard to see how closures are to be avoided.

If you live in or near Sheffield, please go into your nearest library tomorrow, March 5th at 11am.

It's very simple: all you have to do to take part in the Big Sheffield Read-In is to grab a library book and read it until midday. If you have time to make a sign or banner to bring with you, all the better.

See you there!

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