Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Children's Book Illustration: Artwork for Babies

After all my recent travels, it's now time to get back to the artwork for Baby Goes Baaaa!. On Monday, lots of boring stuff took over my world, but come Tuesday, I finally got back behind my drawing board and cranked it up again.

It does feel a bit like that when I've stopped in the middle of a project - I have to try and remember where I was and get the energy levels back. It always takes at least a day to warm up, so it was slow-going to start with. I kept breaking off at the slightest distraction: Oo, quick, someone's emailed me... Must have a cup of tea (even though I'm not thirsty)... Where's my diary - I'm sure there must be something really important I've forgotten I should be doing..?

Today though, it's been a little more constant. The first piece I started back with was the 3 little monkeys and their mole friend at the top, who illustrate the letters O and P ('Oo-oo' and 'Pee-bo'). They seemed to take ages and I worried I was overworking them and getting a little 'fussy'. Now they're done though, I am pleased with them.

Mole and the monkeys will ultimately share the page opposite poor Nana Crocodile, who remained behind, half-finished and tacked to the studio door, long after all her friends were packed up and sent to the publisher. This is because we still don't know what the cover of the book she's reading (this very book I'm illustrating now) will look like.

There's a cover meeting tomorrow at Egmont, to look at my various design suggestions and make a decision, then hopefully I will be able to do the cover artwork and so finally rescue Nana and finish her off.

Today though, I have been getting underway with a duckling on a swing - Q for 'Quack quack!' of course!


Caroline said...

I know all about procrastinating - err, I'm doing it right now - spending way too long looking through your last few posts! Love the action in your 3 little monkeys illustration!


Love it, Lynne! They are so sweet
Definitively, I'm fan of you :D

Tim said...

Cool stuff.