Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Drawing Animals

Since I spoke to you last, I have finished my cuckoo illustration for the letter 'C':

I then got on with the 3rd 'spread' illustration, which incorporates three letters in one image: K, L & M, with three different animals having a bit if a song and dance:
Because there were more letters to get through in the book, than pages at my disposal, I had, as much as possible, to combine letters together; not always easy, but this one seemed quite natural. This is how it stood on Monday evening:
I finished it on Tuesday afternoon, after I had packaged up and posted those bits of artwork to Egmont.

The cat was originally going to be a ginger, as in Bears on the Stairs and The Show at Rickety Barn, as those lovely shades of orange are so beautiful in an illustration, but I thought it might create confusion for Baby, given the proximity of the ginger fox, so I made the cat a tabby instead, which turned out to be a nice change for me. I really enjoyed doing the zebra too - never illustrated one of those before!


Mundo Mundaca said...

These illustrations are every more beautiful day.. I love the cat.. well I am crazy for cats
The cat of pants is really very funny.!!!!!

granny grimble said...

Dig that crazy cat!
Move over Kylie.

Lynne Chapman said...


Anonymous said...

Hehe, there's really something about that cat that is just hilarious! The leggings, the expression on her face, the way she's really going for it with her left arm and leg... Ha!