Friday, 4 February 2011

Protect Your Library! Tomorrow!!

Tomorrow, Saturday 5th February, has been declared a national day of action for libraries: an opportunity for people all over the country to show support for libraries, against planned cuts and closures. Events are planned in various venues, including Sheffield Central Library.

Sheffield librarians have been attempting to set up celeb Read-In events with local folks such as Ian Macmillan and my good self, but the Powers-That-Be have made this difficult, so instead they are planning a Flashmob.

At 11am everyone will join together for one giant 'Shhhh!', followed by three cheers for the library. Then everyone will take out as many books as they can get on their card (15!).

If you live in or near Sheffield, please come along (don't forget your library card) and add your voice to the protest. Pass the word!

If you live elsewhere in the UK, check with your library to find out what is happening near you, and help keep this extraordinarily important resource alive and well!

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