Monday, 13 December 2010

Urban Sketchers Book

Last week I was working on another new project...

Gabriel Campanario
, coordinator of Urban Sketchers, is producing a book, which will be stuffed to the gills with fabulous illustrations, produced by sketchers from all corners of the world.

As one of Urban Sketchers' many correspondents, I am really exciting that I'm going to have my own section in the book. I have had to trawl through my sketchbooks, selecting possible images to include. The town hall sketch I did on the first sketchcrawl is definitely going in, as well as some others that show my hometown:

There will be a few of my train portraits too of course (which will go in a special section called 'On the Go', featuring sketches done on public transport) although it's been a nightmare selecting which ones, as I've built quite a stack up over the last 3 years!

Like all the contributors to the Urban Sketchers website, Gabi himself is a keen sketchbook keeper. He is from Seville, but is now based in Seattle and has a regular 'illustrated journal' slot in the Seattle Times. This is one of his sketches of Seattle's famous landmark:

And, guess what? Our recent sketchcrawls have caught Gabi's eye, and he has decided we Sheffield sketchers should also have our very own section in the book! I have been helping to coordinate that part of the project, selecting artwork and getting all the relevant background information from the various artists.

Publication is, of course, still a long way off (scheduled for Feb 2012) but I will keep you posted on progress and let you know when its ready. Anyone who enjoys drawing will love it I'm sure.