Friday, 24 December 2010

Stinkys Galore!

I had a funny coincidence last week. Two very similar emails came in within days of one another...

Firstly, Richard, who owns my local children's bookshop, the lovely Rhyme and Reason, emailed to tell me that Jill, the lady from The Wool Baa (great name for a wool shop) round the corner, really loved my book about the baby warthog Stinky, and so had knitted him. I was thrilled, so phoned her up, and she forwarded me these photos, taken by her daughter, Stinky's new custodian:

Isn't he great? This cute, woolly version of our smelly friend was knitted as a present for Jill's grandson Leo, who she tells me is another big Stinky! fan (a fan of my book that is, not a fan with weight issues and BO...).

Bizarrely, the very same week, I got an email from Glen, who lives in a small town called Meulebeke, in Belgium. Glen has been unwell recently, so has been off work, with time on his hands. He too was inspired to made a 3D version of Stinky, but this time it was a digital model, created on his computer. Clever stuff. I love his hair and the end of his tail.

I think you'll agree, both Jill and Glen did a great job (although, now I come to think of it, it's a good job wool is warm, as Stinky no 1 seems to have lost his trousers!).

A big thank you to both for sending me the pictures. I'm so pleased you like the Stinky! story. Get well soon Glen!


ozzieroy said...

What a great story! It is cool that you inspire people all over the world with your drawings. I m certainly gonna look for the stinky story for my little daughter!

Mary Lou Rosato-Caine said...

Lynne thanks for sharing all your wonderful adventures this past year. Have a great Holiday! I love the Stinky's!! Best to you in the New Year :)