Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Partying at Night, Nail-Biting next Morning

I've been quite the party animal this year: this time last week, I went to yet another publisher's party in London. I've never felt so loved! It was my first invitation from Andersen Press, who published my latest, Bears on the Stairs.

I met up with the Bears on the Stairs' author, Julia Jarman, at a pub round the corner to the party, so we could have a quick chat about new project ideas, then go together. I arrived first, but the pub we'd chosen was so full, I couldn't sit down. I felt a lemon just hovering on my own, so went outside (in the COLD!) to wait for Julia, and sketched through the window:

Luckily, she was only 10 minutes, but I had to draw wearing my fingerless gloves!
It was a really nice evening. I met up with various other author and illustrator friends, like Mei Matsuoka, whose work I love. She illustrated the wonderful Great Dog Bottom Swap, written by Peter Bently, who also wrote my book A Lark in the Ark. Peter had come all the way up from Devon to be there. Luckily for all us long-distance travellers, Andersen Press provided a proper hot dinner for everyone too, with apple crumble & custard for pud (yum!)

Of course, I've only just come back from my previous jolly in London, but this time I also had the expense of an overnight stay in a London hotel, so I decided to help justify my extravagance by setting up a work meeting while I was there.

Remember that new story idea I began re-working for Gullane, when I got back from the SCBWI conference? Well, I filled 3 of those big sheets with drawings and ideas. The morning after the party (thank goodness I didn't drink too much) I zipped across to Fleet St on the tube, to visit my editor.

I was crossing fingers & toes big-style, but... my editor loved it: hurrah! It won't be officially accepted until it's got through the next acquisitions meeting (not until February now), however, my editor was confident that it would get the green light, so I fair bounced out of the meeting!

I found myself a cafe just down the street, right opposite the Royal Courts of Justice, and sat very happily, scoffing my lunch while I drew the sketch above. Then I caught my train back to Sheffield, feeling jolly pleased with myself!

I'll keep you posted on progress. Lets hope nothing happens to scupper it!


Bob Mrotek said...

Wow, Lynne! Sounds like you are becoming a real party animal :)

Alissa said...

Thanks for sharing your day with your delightful sketches and exciting news. From the news we here on the other side of the world, the UK seems to be snowed in completel, so it is great to follow your wintery adventures!