Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Cafes and Cathedrals

Well, only one cathedral actually, but various cafes to compensate. Yes, it's nearly time for the 3rd Sheffield Sketchcrawl - are your pencils all sharpened and ready?

Snow permitting, we are meeting in town at 10am this coming Saturday: that's December 4th. Here is the itinerary of the sketching venues for the day, so you can join us en route, if you wish:

- 11.00: Starbucks on Devonshire Street

11.00 -
12.00: The Forum opposite (we have the conservatory area booked for maximum views!)

12.00: walk down Division St

- 12.45: City Hall foyer (because there's only so much coffee you can drink!)

12.45: walk to Bank Street

1.00 - 2.00: lunch at Bank St Arts (tea and coffee available, but bring a packed lunch)

2.00 - 4.00 / 4.30: Sheffield Cathedral (drawing the rehearsals for the evening's concert)

4.00 - 4.30: or when you've had enough, walk to Trippet Lane

4.30ish - 5.30: The Grapes (we are booked in)

I booked us into Bank St Arts at lunchtime, as I realised we'd never fit a big group of us into any of the regular cafes for lunch, not on a Saturday so close to Christmas! Bank St Arts has more to offer anyway, as it's also a small gallery, with an interesting mixed show on just now, so once you've done munching, you can have a browse round that too if you fancy.

We will spend the whole afternoon in the cathedral, as there will be so much to go at: as well as the actually building, there will be a choir and a small orchestra. They won't mind us milling about, and we get free entertainment while we draw. How nice.

Bring your sketching gear, money for drinks, sandwiches and a brolly for the walking between venues, just in case. The cathedral should be heated but you might want something soft to sit on - those wooden benches are hard as iron after a bit!

As usual, we'll have a look at what we've created once we get to the pub, and pat each other on the back.

If you've not been before, don't worry - it is an extremely friendly, supportive and non-competitive event. Everyone is welcome: just turn up, or email me if you want to go on my sketchcrawl mailing list. Give it a go - it's fun and it's free!


Alissa said...

Lynne - your sketchcrawl sounds SO MUCH FUN. I wish I was there to join in ! Have fun

Alison said...

Hello. I want to come, especially if it snows! Alas it's 20 degrees here in Melbourne, 20 hours away and only 8 o'clock in the morning! love, Alison
PS My munchkins would love to hear if you do another competition!

Lynne Chapman said...

It's so bizarre that you are in 20 degree heat while we're in minus figures!

Hello to the munchkins!