Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Quick-Draw - Illustrating for Children

Last Thursday, I did a drawing marathon until my arm ached, not in a sketchbook this time, but at a flipchart. Actually, it was my feet that were killing me by the end of the day, not my arm. It's much easier to stand up at a flipchart, so my bum barely touched a chair all day!

It was all part of Bag-a-Book-Day: an annual event for looked-after children and their carers. I was one of dozens of people set up in two massive rooms at Sheffield Wednesday Football Club.

I intended to read stories too, but never got the chance, as everyone wanted a drawing to take home. I was often working one-to-one, so I asked what children wanted. This started well - I even managed to draw cars, planes and helicopters (never my forte) - but towards the end, it grew into a bit of a nightmare...

'My dog and my kitten' wasn't too bad, but was followed by 'Three puppies in a basket'. OK, not my favourite thing to draw, but no problem. Except the next girl wanted 'Three kittens in a basket', then we had 'A kitten in a basket playing with a ball of wool, with her mum'... Get the idea?

The final child of the day asked for 'My mum, sitting on a bench in the park, with trees, with her four children playing around her.' Thank goodness for home time!

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