Thursday 9 September 2010

Sketch-Buddy from Australia

Monday was rather unusual. I was visiting by fellow Urban Sketcher, Liz Steel from Sydney, who is on an international sketching tour (with her little friend Borromini Bear).

She started in the US, attending the 1st Urban Sketchers symposium, has recently been in Scotland and is shortly off to Europe. Wow. Are we jealous?

The only time we stopped talking, laughing or eating (sometimes all 3 at once) was the hour we spent concentrating on drawing, at Sheffield's old General Cemetary.

You can see both these sketches close-up, plus more photos, in my Picture Gallery.

As a thank you for feeding her, Liz gave me this gorgeous gift: a printed book of her Paris sketchbook from this time last year. I gave her a copy of Bears on the Stairs in return.

In her other life, Liz is an architect, so one of her favourite things to draw is European architecture (she loves British cathedrals, castles and stately homes too - her focus over the last few weeks).

I must investigate having some of my sketchbook work bound like this, as it's such a lovely format.

It's an extraordinary 3 month adventure Liz has undertaken and, incredibly, she has managed to hook up with another sketcher or friend pretty much every day of her trip, sometimes 2, or even 3 a day! What a wonderfully sociable and fun way to travel.

You can keep an eye on Liz's progress on her travel blog, updating in transit from her iPhone.

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