Wednesday, 27 October 2010

From Impotence to Singing Cats & Dogs: Illustrating Children's Books

Here is another of the short films I have to show you. I tried to post it last week, but it didn't work properly - sorry. Happily, now we're in business!

This is sort of a prequel to the other three, as it's me talking about how I came to be a children's book illustrator. I talk about the textile designing and editorial work I did before I discovered children's books and how I got my first picture book commission.

I thought this was to be the last film, but it turns out they have created a fourth. I was such a windbag when they did the filming, I warbled on for hours, so they had tons more material than they had planned on. The next one will be me talking about illustrating in pastels.
If you missed the previous films here are links:

How to illustrate a book part 1

Keeping a sketchbook

Postscript: There are now also several new films on my own YouTube channel including a demonstration of me creating a piece of pastel artwork for my next book Swap!:

...and a detailed look at how I create the line-drawing designs for a picture book, using my latest project Jungle Grumble as an example:

I also use Jungle Grumble to talk you through how I turn photographs of real animals into animal characters suitable for a picture book:

Hope you enjoy them!


cassia said...

Brilliant, Lynne. Really interesting and educational. Also, lovely to see you in action!

BTW, the 'becoming an illustrator' link under the vid works, but clicking on the vid doesn't. Just so you know.

Lynne Chapman said...

Thanks Cass - set this up while I was away and so on'y just found out it's not working. Will try and sort!

Debi Fitzgerald said...

Absolutely loved it! So nice to hear you talk about your work... I can see how passionate you are about your art! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynne!

I am Bixie, a starting children's book illustrator from Manila. I wrote to send my delight coming across your website. I love your works, especially that you use chalk for illustrating. I also do! It's rare for me to see children's book illustrators using chalk then I saw your works.

Watching your videos gave me lots of tips. I am also getting a lot of inspirations from your cute characters. Thank you very much!

More power to you and your craft!