Friday 23 July 2010

Prepare Yourself for a Fright...

The big, fat envelopes keep on arriving, thick and fast!

Each one is stuffed to the gills with crazy drawings by children entering my Hairy, Scary Illustration Competition.

To make it slightly easier to judge, I have been picking my favourites from each batch as they come in, creating a sort of short-list.

These are some more of my fave selections so far.

Each set of drawings is from a particular school (from the top: Pewithall Y3&4, Pewithall Y5; Blenheim Y3&4; Woodseats Y5; Maidenhead Y2; Manor Beach Y6; Gwaenynog Y1&2;

Since schools break up at slightly different times, the deadline is set for the end of this month, but I imagine I will have recieved most of them pretty soon, then I'll have to face up to the terribly tricky task of whittling them down to the winners.

These last two (both from Gwaenynog in Denbighshire) made me smile: just the idea of Ebony Bailie's vampire spider, and the troubled face of Jessica Edwards's apparently reluctant cat/moth monster!


Coralie Colorie said...

Great works! That's very funny to see them altogether!

cassia said...

i love em! Wouldn't they make a brilliant wallpaper pattern?! I'd pay good money for summat like that!

Vivien said...

These are wonderful - but how difficult to choose winners! A selection would make a good children's book - an inspiration for them.

CecĂ­lia Murgel said...

These are a wonderful work!

Deborah Leigh said...

These are so much fun!