Sunday 20 June 2010

Bears First Outing!

Last week, I spent 2 whole days at Aston All Saints C of E Primary School (what a mouthful!), which is on the outskirts of Sheffield, so not only was I spared getting up as some ghastly hour to catch a train, but I even got a lift to school with the lovely Mrs Hill.

I've been getting very excited about Bears on the Stairs and, though I only have a 'proof' copy so far, I decided to try it out. Y2 was thrilled to be the first children in the WHOLE WORLD that I'd shown it to.

Luckily they loved it (phew!). I also did my 'chant poem' for the first time, which worked just as well as I had hoped. I noticed afterwards, as the children were leaving the class, some were still chanting 'There's a bear on the stair, and he's covered in hair...'

We needed 2 days, because Mrs Mellor, the Head, was keen for me to do lots of writing workshops as well as storytellings. This was particularly fun, as classes had been on some very interesting visits recently, including the seaside, a newspaper printers and a chocolate factory! Perfect settings for our stories.

This is me in the staffroom on Thursday afternoon, signing lots of books (thank you!). Thanks also to everyone at Aston for making it such a lovely 2 days: a smashing school, great kids and really nice teachers.


Damian Harvey said...

Always a joy to visit a nice school where everyone's keen and excited about the visit. Good to be able to get some photographs that you can put on the site too.

Unknown said...

Just terrific Lynne! I know a school in Australia where you would be most welcome too (several I'm sure), if ever you are down this way (on your international book signing tour!). Love that koala picking his nose ;-0

Lynne the Pencil said...

Well Deborah, I do have friends in Perth...