Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Scorching Saturday: Walking with a Sketchbook

Anyone who was in the UK this weekend will know what unusually cracking weather we had. Wahooooo: the summer's here!

Except, not quite, as of course it's gone back to normal this week.

Well, John and I have just joined The Rambler's Association, and went out with a walking group on Saturday, to see how my feet are coming along. We did a full day's ramble, up and down dale, lathered in suncream: it was a real scorcher. Above is a five minute quickie, flaking out during the lunch stop.

The feet are still in recovery mode, but coped well with minimal pain, so it looks like all the needle business is behind me (I DO hope so!).


Victoria Stitch said...

what a lovely little sketch! you can even tell it's hot from the picture! yes, shame it's got colder again, I saw one of your books in waterstones the other day!

Nikira said...

Wonderful drawing, I can feel their breathing and feel the sun on their skin. Love your drawings.

Gary Keimig said...

Great blog. great sketch work.
Still wondering where our heat is. But...This is our second day in a row without snow. FINGERS CROSSED

Lynne Chapman said...

Thanks folks - glad you like it.

We'll probably have snow next week Gary - anything's possible in Blighty!