Monday, 10 May 2010

Ravenfield Primary School

My first school visit since getting back was just a short hop away in Rotherham. No time even for sketching I'm afraid (plus my hands were too freezing - what is going on with the weather??).

It was a smashing day though: part of a celebration of books, revolving around the stocking of Ravenfield's new library. But instead of the teachers choosing the new books, the fabulous Mrs Irving turned the whole thing into an exciting project for the children.

20 'Secret Agents' were appointed, taken from every year group in the school. They were set various missions, to get to the bottom of what books the children themselves wanted in their library.

Looking for images for this post (I forgot to take any photos on the day - duh!) I found this illustration: a book cover from when I first started illustrating kids books. It was a story about a schoolboy, Gizmo Lewis, who wanted to be a secret agent - perfect or what? (In case you're wondering, it's a digital painting).

For most of the day I ran workshops and told stories, then at the end, I was honoured to present medals to the 20 agents, for their excellent work in helping to choose the best possible books for the library.

We all had a fun time - well done to Mrs Irving.

And, if you're reading this, HELLO KIDS!

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