Thursday, 29 April 2010

More Old Men!

Just to let you know, I've scanned in some more sketches from the Italian villages, and the rest are in the Picture Gallery if you want a peek.

Look out for stage two of my travels tomorrow!


Damian Harvey said...

Excellent stuff Lynne. Lots of food for thought for the writer and illustrator isn't there. We're off to Sorrento soon and will be spending a day at Pompeii and Vesuvius. That's if the planes are flying then of course.

Your pictures have really got me looking forward to it.

Lynne Chapman said...

Thanks Damian. Wonderful views from the cliffs of Sorrento too - you'll love it!

One place I wish we'd seen is Herculaneum: apparently very like Pompeii but most of the roofs are still in place, so it's a more complete picture, with even more of the interiors surviving.