Thursday, 4 March 2010

Across the Pennines for World Book Day!

Over 13 million £1 book tokens have been distributed to school children across the UK, because today is World Book Day, and the biggest annual celebration of books and reading in the UK. Hurray!

Which is why I've been invited into so many schools this week...

I kicked off with a day at Roundthorne Primary in Oldham. I took the train across the Pennines and did these sketches on the way. It started off really misty but burned off into a lovely, sunny day, which makes it a fantastically beautiful run, though I spent most of it with my nose in my sketchbook, as you can see.

closer to home, at a dinky little village school: Barlow Primary. A lovely, varied day and lots of fun. The finale was a drawing demo for all the juniors, giving away the drawings as prizes for children to take home. Thank you so much to Mrs Wolstenholme and Mrs Broad for giving me a lift to school and bringing me home.

Wednesday: in the studio, catching up and catching my breath - phew!

Today / Friday / Saturday:
off again, at 6.30am, back across the Pennines to Tameside, to visit Yew Tree Primary. By the time you read this, I will be giving it my all, with a PowerPoint lecture to all the older children.

But instead of coming home at the end, I'm taking a train directly to Bedford, where I am staying a couple of nights with friend and author Julia Jarman, and doing 2 further days of events down that way.

All being well, I should finally return home about 6.30 on Saturday night. I'll fill you in on the gossip about all that later (if I have any energy left!). Don't think I'll be out on the town that evening, do you?


Damian Harvey said...

I hope your book week travels are going well Lynne. I'm sat at home with my feet up this year :-( Good to hear your staying with Julia - give her my love.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for a fantastic day! The children are still buzzing from it!
My class have done some drawings to send you!

Mrs Broad (Barlow Primary)

Ben said...

I love your travel portrait sketches - I found your work on Urban Sketchers. As a total beginner, I'd love to know (if it isn't a trade secret!), how to you colour your sketches, e.g. the very unhappy lady sketch, or the 'she woke up' sketch on urban sketchers? Thanks! Ben

Lynne Chapman said...

Thanks Ben!

I use Photoshop to 'colour in' and add tinted layers 'behind' the sketch (I set the coloured layer's light filter to 'Multiply', to make it transluscent).

I talk about another technique here:

Ben said...

Thanks Lynn, that makes sense (I've been photographing for years so know a bit of photoshop) - thanks for the explanation and inspiration! I'll check that other link now. Saludos from Madrid,