Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Cumbria Children's Book Appeal

If you're an author or illustrator of children's books, you can help inject a little extra joy into the lives of the children who have been flooded out in Cumbria. It may not be in the news any more, but people are still living in very difficult conditions and many children face a pretty depressing Christmas.

Author Chris Priestley has come up with a lovely scheme. He is asking us to donate our books, signed and gift-wrapped, to be distributed free to the children in Cockermouth and surrounding areas as Christmas presents.

There are still a few logistical issues to be finalised, like distribution, so we don't yet have an address to post books to, but Chris is working on it as we speak.

So, why not visit Chris's blog and join his steadily lengthening list of authors and illustrators who have pledged to send books? And if you are in a position to offer any assistance or advice regarding getting those books where they are needed, please let Chris know.

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Jill said...

Can't help with any practicalities, but what a brilliant idea. How depressing it must be to see all your belongs ruined and extra difficult for children to understand - hope it goes successfully.