Sunday, 29 November 2009

Tree-Goats Update

When I showed John the photo of the goats in the tree, he didn't believe that it was real: 'it's probably Photoshopped,' he said. Well, Mr Smarty-Pants-Goat-Doubter, here is the evidence! No less than 16 goats, jumping out of a similar, albeit slightly more robust, tree (thanks Mum!)

Apparently they are after the rather tasty nuts that local formers use to make oil.

Here is a rather more hair-raising Giddy Goat scenario, somewhat reminiscent of this illustration from Giddy The Great.

Yes, it seems they really do try and climb on sheer rock faces (stupid creatures!). But, as you can see, their feet are not always quite so successfully like 'sticky socks'.

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