Wednesday, 4 November 2009

To Wigan and Beyond!

Last night I got back from my trip to Millbrook Primary School near Wigan. It was a lovely visit, but quite a journey! I went down the night before, and drew these sketches on the train, as per usual:

Only time for a rather speedy bit of colour to a couple of them this morning, but will revisit the others when I've more time. Look at this guy's face - not sure he approves:

I did some storytelling with the little ones at Millbrook but spent most the day with Y3. I took my sketchwork for Dragon's Dinner and a piece of final artwork to show them. Then together the class wrote an amazing story all about a tiger who lived in a coconut tree. It turned out really well and we were all delighted. Then we did an illustration workshop based on Mr Strongmouse and the Baby, which I still enjoy doing, even though the book has sadly gone out of print.

On the way home, my taxi didn't turn up so, despite a mercy dash through the heaving rain in a teacher's car, I missed my train (we watched it pull out!). The lovely, lovely teacher drove me on another 20 minutes into Wigan, so I could try ducking and diving, changing at various places to get home sooner, but sadly it was all to no avail.

Having left school at 3.30, I finally collapsed on the sofa to have my brow wiped by John, at 7.15pm.

This afternoon I am off again: this time I'm catching a train to Thatcham near Reading to visit St Finian's Primary school tomorrow. This journey will be even longer. Off now to pack my bags...


Ale Acosta A. said...

It seems so dificult to me, that excercise you do! You are fast girl.. and the results are fantastic.
Big fan hugs ;-)

Lynne Chapman said...

Thank you Ale! Yes, I've got used to working fast, before people move or get off the train.

Joan Lennon said...

Hi! I got your comment on my blog and then couldn't think how to respond so you would get it - so here I am! Do you fancy dinner on the 17th? At the hotel? Or in the town? When are you getting in? Let me know what you think - and of course there's the next night as well, if you're getting in too late on the 17th.

I'm going to direct my son Thomas to this site - he's just started at Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen, and will be well impressed. (Me too!)

Cheers, Joan.

Lynne Chapman said...

Hello Joan! Yes, I'll be there for dinner both nights, so that'll be fun.

Perhaps in the hotel the first night would be easier as I'm not arriving until about 7.00, and then maybe see what we fancy for the 18th? We are joined by the wonderful Korky Paul that 2nd evening too.

How lovely for Thomas to be just starting at the Gray's: so exciting for him. Ask him to say hello!

Jenea said...

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