Friday, 2 October 2009

My Portfolio has Exploded!

I am out on my first school visit of the season today.

When I go to a school, I carry all my storytelling gear and my books in this little suitcase on wheels: it's like a tardis for cramming stuff in! It makes very heavy books easy and is perfect for nipping on and off trains too.

In case you're wondering, the snazzy fabric bag is the home of my Smudge hand puppet, made by my clever Mum (known to you bloggers as Granny Grimble - hello Mum!).

If I'm doing lectures or workshops, I also carry a big folder under my arm, full of artwork samples and roughs to talk around. Portfolios you buy are never the right dimensions for my artwork, so I made my own, out of cardboard boxes. It's not exactly posh, but it works.

Except, I got it out yesterday, ready to load up for today's visit, and found all the parcel-tape glue had died: the whole thing fell apart in my hands!

I had to spend an hour or so repairing it, this time with gummed paper tape, in the hope maybe that will last better. Luckily I found a big roll in the back of a cupboard, left over from distant paper-stretching days. I quite enjoyed myself to be honest!


granny grimble said...

I bet that's an old picture of Smudge. She can't look so pristine after all the places she's visited and all the children she's met, can she? Still I'm very proud of her! Try not to work too hard, you do deserve a rest.

Lynne Chapman said...

Yes, she has already had one makeover last year. She's doing pretty well though, but she now has only 3 whiskers!

Anonymous said...

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