Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Bit of a Breather (Though Breathing's Hard!)

Well, one thing about being ill is that I am enjoying a much-needed week off, having been on the go without a break for simply ages. No more crack of dawn trains for a while - I can lounge around in bed as long as I like!

Actually, there's tons to do. I have been so busy recently, first with my Bears on the Stairs deadline, then my school visits, I've done no admin for yonks. Boring but necessary. Some of it is printing off my invoices for the October visits so far - that's quite nice in fact, as it feels just a little bit like printing money!

My next event is next Tuesday, but at least that's a school in Sheffield. Then it's Sheffield's Off The Shelf festival, on the 23rd, but that kicks off another busy period of visits, with 5 in a row again.

This is a page of my sketchbook from last week. I do like noses (though you wouldn't want to see mine at the moment...)


Julie Broom said...

poor you. hope you feel better soon.

Suzanne McDermott said...

Well, that's your body telling you to SLOW DOWN! But I know exactly what it's like. Good thing we love our work! But we need to take a (real) break from even that to keep it up. See how much mental rest you can take while your body is down for the count.

Lynne Chapman said...

I confess! It's true, I don't do 'slowing down' very well. Even now I am filling my time with catching up on worky stuff.

What I need is A HOLIDAY!