Friday, 9 October 2009

Writing a Picture Book: Where Ideas Come From...

Another post from the ether, while I'm on my travels (right this moment I should be in the middle of a talk at Euxton Library in Morecombe):

I wanted to tell you that a brand new, mini board-book edition of When You're Not Looking! has just been published. Hurrah! This title is a little bit special to me, as it's one that I not only illustrated, but wrote too.

I got the idea for the text at Centre Parcs, when a friend's child tried to feed bread and jam to a squirrel. The squirrel became a gerbil (can't remember why) and I changed the jam to 'marmalade on toast' (it had a better ring):

I am delighted that, though first published 5 years ago, Gullane are still promoting it and producing new editions.

Gullane were my very first publisher. They gave me my initial break in children's books, back in 1999, letting me loose on
The Show at Rickety Barn (thanks Paula!).

I have worked with them ever since, and I can barely believe we've now done 11 books together. I love them dearly for keeping all my back titles in print: fantastic, especially these days. Thank you Guys x

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