Saturday, 5 September 2009

Stinky on His Holidays in Spain!

Remember my book swap with Tomas Serrano is Spain?

Look at this brilliant image he created of Salfon (the hero of the book he sent me) reading the copy of Stinky! I sent to him. Ha ha - excellent idea Tomas!


Damian Harvey said...

That's great isn't it. I wonder if that's something you could use to promote your own books in some way.

Draw different characters of your own reading your own books in different places... as if you're not busy enough anyway.

granny grimble said...

What an good idea Damian. That way you can promote two books at the same time and have a bit of fun with it! it's particularly interesting that Tomas has placed his character in a real garden setting.

Tomás Serrano said...

Thank you very much Lynne for posting the image. I think this can promote Stinky and Salfón... in Korea, ha, ha. Unfortunately, Salfon is (now) out-of-print. He is like a ghost... Poor boy. Perhaps in Christmas will arrive my new character, Lula.

krisztina maros said...

it's absolutely fine! i love both of your works!