Monday, 7 September 2009

Rumbling and Roaring in the US...

Something else that has popped up to do...

When a UK book gets a US co-edition, we sometimes need to re-jig the cover layout slightly: often they want different blurb on the back, sometimes they even change the title (An Itch to Scratch is called Just The Thing in the US).

This is the the artwork for the US cover of my next book,
Rumble Roar Dinosaur!, sequel to Gnash Gnaw Dinosaur!:

We just needed to tweak the back, altering the height of the horizon and flipping the little pteradon, which was originally flying in from the far left.

The Designer created the Rumble Roar Dinosaur! cover from bits of my various illustrations pasted together: very skillful stuff. The ankylosaurus looks like this on the inside of the book:

As you can see, the T. Rex was cut off and the tail flipped, all in Photoshop, then the trees were removed, so the plain grass and sky would make a better background to the title.

The rock with the little dinos comes from the illustration above, and the little dino with his tongue out was cut, flipped and pasted from this image:

The dragonfly has been borrowed from the diplodocus image in Gnash Gnaw Dinosaur!:

...and the little pteradon in the background is from my archaeopteryx spread:

The Designer sent me the tweaked US cover for approval. I can be a bit of a perfectionist with this stuff: I noticed the altered horizon had been created with a sharp edge, which didn't look right with all the soft pastel edges, and the sweep of the hill was not as even as I would have liked. So I asked them to email it across for me to fiddle with. I did it in the evening, so it didn't eat into my Bears time.

This is how the front cover looks with the text in place. It's due for publication in March and, like it's predecessor Gnash Gnaw Dinosaur!, has huge flaps on each page. Can't wait.


granny grimble said...

Fascinating stuff. How talented you are and what a wonderful job you have. It must give you terrific satisfaction when a book has been finalised and is off to be circulated to all your little fans.

bluelilac said...

I love your blog and follow along quietly. But today I want to say thanks to you for sharing your process. You have such an amazing energy and your work emanates such joy.
Glad you are here.
And today's post is most interesting as usual.
I just have to say Hi!

Mary Jane

Carla said...

...oooooh! So, that's how that works. I have always assumed that illustrations are produced the way that the illustrators originally paint/draw them.

Thanks for the insight.

Lynne Chapman said...

Thank you for your lovely feedback, although of course I can't take the credit for the wonderfully skilled Photoshop work on this one. It's amazing what can be done now - how did we cope in the 'old days' of scissors and tippex?!?

Zip n Tizzy said...

I was just thinking how amazing it is that you don't have to create a completely new image yourself.
I love your illustrations and so does my 3 year old. He walked in as I was reading, and I think he's going to have me sit here all day!

Tomás Serrano said...

Nobody like the author to tweak an image. Very very interesting post.