Saturday, 26 September 2009

Children's Book Catalogue Illustration Needed

I had an email from Bears on the Stairs publisher, Anderson Press, this week. Their new catalogue needs to go off to print now, ready for the massive Frankfurt Book Fair in 3 weeks, and can't wait for my artwork deadline. But I hate posting odd bits off in advance - my last job is always going through everything together, checking continuity and touching up where necessary.

Thank goodness for digital cameras! I took a couple of high-res snaps and was able to email them across. They won't be as high quality as scans, but will be fine at the smaller scale.

Ideally, you want the cover in the catalogue, but because of the way I do my artwork, the cover image still has the pink paper background at this stage, rather than a nice punchy colour, so it depends on whether Anderson have time at their end to do a quick Photoshop job, before popping on the text.

In case not, I sent them a snap of the endpapers as well, as that's sort of a similar image, sporting all 3 naughty bears together, but fully coloured:

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