Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Taking Your Comments on Board

When I showed you the kitchen spread, Joanna left me a comment, that the doors from the kitchen and sitting room appeared to have the same view of the stairs:

I thought it was ok, with a bit of artistic licence - one looks onto the bottom step, the other onto the middle.

Living with it though, I think Joanna was right. I worried this meant a major redraw (as the little bear's foot has to be visible through the crack in the open sitting room door) until I realised I could hang the sitting room door the other way, pushing the bottom of the stairs further down the hall:

You can still see the little bear's foot, and now it's better, as Dad couldn't possible notice it this way round. It's created a perfect spot for the cat too. Thanks Joanna!

Please people, do feel free to leave critical feedback - sometimes, being so close to a project, I miss things, so you are my fresh pairs of eyes.


Joanna Dover said...

Sorry! didn't want to cause artistic trouble - but perception wise it works in my head now, as the door (and stairs) are now so much closer to the corner of the room, and I can imagine that the kitchen is now right next door (behind that wall) :)

Joanna Dover said...

Argh! me again - just realised (looking through the spread) that if you changed the door hinges - you'll need to do so also on the picture you showed on the blog post 'bribery doesn't always work'

Looks like you already changed it in the 'they get them on the way down!' pics.

Lynne Chapman said...

Aha - well spotted! I'll sort it out when I do the final redraw. Thanks!

Rosie said...

What an interesting site you have. I'll be back!

Lynne Chapman said...

Hi Rosie - great to have you on board. Thanks for the lovely comments!