Friday, 31 July 2009

New-Look Website Launch!!!

Remember me telling you about my website updating? Well, the designer and I have been tweaking and fiddling about with it, and it's at last ready to set before you!

This is my new homepage - the animal still dance about, but now they blink too. The little red plane is Giddy Goat, who flies across the top of each page, bringing you up-to-the-minute news.

It's not radically different in appearance - I've hung on to the basic colour and feel of the original, but it has some new features (like the form above, for leaving feedback after workshops), and it's a lot easier to find your way around.

It's also much, much easier for me to keep updated, so I will be adding new work far more frequently. This is what the individual book pages look like:

Spot the little rhino, swinging behind my name? There are lots of cute creatures that appear in corners, which change randomly each time you return.

There are tons more sketchbooks to see this time, including all my train portraits gathered together and the books of the various places I have travelled to:

Those montage sketchbook pages I showed you are in action too (the drawing in the book varies according to which set of sketches you choose):

The kids Funclub section is still the same I'm afraid - that's the next thing to tackle. Plus some sections still haven't had all the images re-loaded yet, as that's my bit of donkey-work (I'm trying to keep costs down by loading some stuff myself).

Please do have a look round and come back and let me know if anything's flaky, or if you find any weird anomalies. Your feedback would be really useful!


Janine said...

Your Homepage looks P.h.a.n.t.a.s.t.i.c.
Absolutly awesome

Damian Harvey said...

A nice new look Lynne - I like it...

Good to see you're at Chout About Books and the Northern Children's Book Festival. I'm at one of them the week after you and the other the wek bfore - might bumop into you at the NCBF Gala day though as I know our girls were wanting to pop in this year.

Lynne Chapman said...

Thanks Janine - glad you like it!

Damian - what has happened to your typing skills - thought you were an author!!?! You're worst than me, which takes some doing.

It would be lovely to see you at one of the festivals. I've never been to the NCBF Gala Day before, so I'm rather excited!

Diana said...

Your website looks fabulous!!! It's so fun and interactive. One really gets to know your talent and you personally. A lot of hard work, I'm sure. Great job.