Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Lots & Lots of Libraries!

My next batch of Summer Reading Challenge days has meant rather a lot of early mornings this week, starting on Saturday, when I visited 2 libraries in Stoke. Then on Monday I was in Lichfield and Tuesday was Derby - 8 libraries in all (phew!).

I have developed a new workshop idea for the Summer Reading Challenge, based on Dragon's Dinner, where we draw the dragon together, step by step:

They all did incredibly well, as the dragon is quite a complicated character, and children were obviously very pleased with themselves, which was lovely to see. A special 'well done!' to Henry in Lichfield, who was only 4!

This is me demonstrating how you draw characters running away from a dragon, by looking at how our body moves when we run:

On the flip chart, you can see the process: starting with two circles, like a snowman falling over (to get the head out in front) then adding the right face, in this case a bear, with sloping down eyebrows for added fear. I am showing them how to draw 'running' arms and legs, to create movement and speed.

By the way, this is the new dress I treated myself to in Covent Garden, during my daytrip to London last month, to see the Quentin Blake exhibition. What do you think?


Carla said...

I hope adorable was the look you were going for 'cause that's what it is. It's playful and looks like something the star of a picture book would wear. And those pink glasses work perfectly with the dress.

Damian Harvey said...

Good grief Chapman... you're keeping busy this summer. Nice to see your doing lots of library visits.

I'm free until September then it's back to a mad schedule of festivals and visits for a couple of months. I'm determined to get the visit/writing/family time balanced better inthe new year. It can all get a bit hectic at times can't it.

See you soon

Lynne Chapman said...

Shucks - thank Carla!

Good for you Damian, I think I overdid it a bit last October. Apart from getting really tired, it's hard to get all the organisation in place and sorted when you don't have any days in between to catch up on last minute arrangements! I got truly frassled by the end.