Monday, 6 July 2009

More Blasts From The Past!

I thought you might be interested to see a couple more older bits I dug out recently, as part of the introduction section for my Tameside exhibition in August.

I spent 10 years working as a freelance Editorial Illustrator, before I began illustrating children's books.

Women GPs Want Equal Pay!

I illustrated articles for a wide range of periodicals, from the high profile end, like Marketing Week and The Sunday Times, right down to trade rags for accountants, builders etc.

It was great fun, wonderfully varied and very challenging - I usually had a matter of days to come up with a concept and turn it into artwork (very unlike the months I get to work on projects nowadays).

Excluded School Children

The top illustration was a piece for Medeconomics Magazine: a feature about equal pay for women doctors. The one above was for the Times Educational Supplement, about the issue of excluding children from school.

As you can see, even then I was working in pastels!


Veronica said...

Lovely! I think the school one looks like it would make an interesting story - I could see that as a book... Loving the 'wonkiness' (and I mean that in a good way!)

Jessie said...

They're lovely! The sort of thing that would catch my eye in a magazine but then the article would be boring hehe! I can recognise your style from these that now appears in your work for children. It's inspiring for me to see how being true to your own way of working can lend itself to different areas of illustration. Thanks for sharing this! :)