Saturday, 11 July 2009

Drawing a Picture Book: Joanna Saves the Day!

Remember how Joanna's feedback helped me to see my doors weren't working? Well, turns out that re-hanging the door in spread 1 had a major knock-on effect for spread 2...

Julia's text here says:
'On the bottom step there's a little one, but he's very fierce and growly. Mummy doesn't believe me.'

Ages ago, when I first looked through the project, I did the above sketch sheet of ideas for this page. A bit later on, I worked it up to this drawing:

I didn't want to take us out into the hall too early: I wanted a transition spread with the child still with Mum, telling her about the bear, which we now see properly.

The touble was, I could find no way to fit this drawing into the layout, without the composition being very one-sided, or the gutter running through the characters and losing any workable space for the text. But, once I rehung the door the other way, it all fell into place:

So thank you Joanna again!

As you can see, the cat fits quite neatly into the picture. Not sure of the best position for the text on the right - the publisher can decide.

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Joanna Dover said...

LOL at the cat on this one!