Friday, 10 July 2009

Designing the Exhibition Space

The design of my exhibition space is being finalised this week. The work is all being framed, all the props are being made.

We are now having mobiles of animals from Kangaroos Cancan Cafe. I think the platypus and koala would be really funny. The monkeys are now part of a monkey's tea party instead, as in Stinky!, with fake food etc for children's play. This will combine nicely with the magnetic flies game.

We are going to cut one monkey's face out, making a hole in the board, for children to stick their face through and be part if the party. If they stick their face through the other way, they will appear in the belly of the anaconda in Class Two at the Zoo.

There is a new idea (inspired by something we saw at the Quentin Blake show) - a quiz board about dinosaurs, based on Gnash, Gnaw, Dinosaur!, with round shapes you can twirl to reveal the answers.

I am a little disappointed that we are unable to include the ark now, with the little stuffed animals for the children to put into it. Some breakdown in communication meant that the publisher did not supply copies of Lark in the Ark for sale at the show, and so the curator has dropped the idea. Very frustrating!

We are still going to have the reading area, which will be a mock-up of Smudge's sitting room, with pictures of Smudge and her friends on the wall in frames, and Smudge visible through a fake window, playing in the garden. Aaaaah...

And since Giddy Goat is part of the show's title, he is going to be stencilled on the walls around the exhibition, leaping from picture to picture, or balancing on top of frames!


Janine said...

Oh how wonderful this paintings are.
The duckbill the flying goose but most of all the badger in his home.
I would like to move in.
Have a great weekend

cassia said...

I'm so excited for you- and me, since I'll get to go see it!!!

How many Lark in the Ark books would you need? Could you order them in from bookshops instead, or would that not work?

Lynne Chapman said...

They have to buy them wholesale, so the gallery can make a small profit from the resale (although I believe they've got a good deal from most the publishers, so they'll be selling the books at a nice discount).

It has been sorted out with Egmont now, so copies of Lark will be on sale, but I think it's too late to save the ark unfortunately!

Anonymous said...

wheres the exhibition?

Lynne Chapman said...

It's in Tameside Central Art Gallery, in Manchester. The details are on the blog at:

SarahGaunt said...

I love all these illustrations! They're brilliant. Enjoy your exhibition :)

Calvin Tsang said...

I love your blog!
Beautiful stuff!

cassia said...

It's in Manchester? Even better! I may become a regular when it's on then- know loads of ppl who'd want to come and see it. x

Veronica said...

Sounds like there's lots for the children to get involved with - definitely as it should be!

徵信社 said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.